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Serving Opportunities

 Activities Assistant:  

Description: assist with planning church events by handling all facets of an event from the very beginning to even after the day of the event. Assistants help in handling details from what beverages to serve to who the speakers will be and to what types of games or activities that are tailored to the specific event.


Serving: Project based, as needed

Minimum Requirements: multi-task oriented and organized; excellent communication and interpersonal skills


Report to First Lady Khandice Lawrence

Contact info: jalministries1@gmail.com



Description:  Greet people as they come into JAL and make them feel welcome.  Be a host to our guests, including helping them to find what they may need.

Serving:  Every Sunday Morning Service from 11am-1:30pm

Minimum Requirements:  Must commit to being available for 8 weeks in a row.  Genuine friendliness and a desire to make people feel welcome is a plus.

Report to Debra Adams Usher Director.
Contact info:  Debra Adams email:



Care Ministry:

 Description:  Our Care Ministry is a network of people who serve on teams who are on call to minister to people by bringing hot meals to their home or visit someone in the hospital during an extended stay.  This is a wonderful way to care for people who’ve just had a baby, who are recovering from surgery, or have other similar circumstances.

Serving:  Flexible and on call if there’s a need to deliver a meal to senior citizens or make hospital and home visitations. 

Minimum Requirements:  Being on a team that is on call for one month every six months (2 months per year)


Report to First Lady Khandice Lawrence

Contact info: jalministries1@gmail.com


Member Coordinator:

Description: Provide follow-up contact with members and visitors.  Follow up with visitors to see if they have questions or would like additional information. Make phone calls to members who are absent and miss one or more services.


Serving: 8 hours a month (2 hours a week)


Minimum Requirements: Enthusiastic; enjoy communicating with people via phone; friendly,

compassionate and considerate.


Report to First Lady Khandice Lawrence

Contact info: Jalministries1@gmail.com


Visitation and Bereavement Ministry:

 Description: Compassionate servant leaders offer care to sick and bereaved members through visitations, cards and phone calls.


Serving: Flexible and on-call


Minimum Requirements: A Compassionate, sympathetic and empathetic individual that geniunely have a heart for people.


Report to First Lady Khandice Lawrence

Contact info: Jalministries1@gmail.com


Youth Ministry

Description: Working with young people.  There are many different areas to assist in depending on your area of interest.  What age group do enjoy working with?  Are you motivating, inspiring and creative?  Do you know how to come up with activities or events to get young people involved in ministry?  If so, then this would be an excellent opportunity to work with our youth department!


Serving: Flexible and on-call


Minimum Requirements:  Background Check will be mandatory when working with the youth. 


Report to First Lady Khandice Lawrence

Contact infor: Jalministries1@gmail.com or call Lady Khandice at 503-453-7434